Here at Zion Community Church we are learning to be disciples of Jesus Christ and learning how to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Disciples who:
  • LOVE – we demonstrate a wholehearted love for God and for others (Matthew 22:36-39)
  • WORSHIP – we stress the importance of worshipping God in everything we do (Ex. 34:14)
  • PRAY – we not only teach the importance of prayer, but we live it (Romans 12:12)
  • OBEY – we must set our hearts to study His Word and to do it (Deut. 13:4)
Our classes offer age appropriate ministry emphasizing a love for God and His Word. We meet on Sunday’s at the following times:
  • 9:15 – Sunday school – Main Building
  • 10:30 – Children’s church – Student Life Center
All children are welcome to come and celebrate Jesus with us! Your child and their safety matters to us. All volunteers are nationally screened, supervised, and trained in safety and security procedures. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!